Nexcopy USB-C200PC

All the features of Nexcopy USB duplicators, now for data duplication to devices with the fast-growing USB-C connector format.

Product Description

Download product PDF (3MB)

  • Five Copy Methods:
    File Copy, Device Copy, IMG Copy, Copy Add and Unique Data Streaming
  • Create USB read-only partitions
  • Create USB CD-ROM partitions
  • Write protect 1st partition, 2nd partition or both
  • USB write protection is done at the controller level
  • Set / Edit hard coded USB serial numbers
  • Sequential serial number control
  • Serial number control includes 10 character prefix option
  • Create USB specific .img files
  • Write protect bootable USB partitions
  • Set / Edit descriptor fields (VID, PID, SCSI)
  • Supports all formats: FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, Ext2-3-4, HFS, Proprietary, Etc.
  • Password protect Job Setup area, ideal for IT Managers
  • Reset USB media to original read/write state
  • PRO series required for Copy Secure USB copy protection
  • PRO series supports certified USB controllers, contact for details
  • PRO series includes all other features and functions from USB200PC