One of the most experienced providers of CD & DVD replication services in the UK. We can manufacture CDs and DVDs to order in any quantity and deliver in a range of printing and packaging options. We have capacity to provide very fast turnaround duplication and print runs for lower volumes.

CD & DVD duplication with on-disc inkjet printing

Ideal for quantities of less than 1,000 discs. Fast turnaround is available meaning delivery to your UK address can be achieved within 3-4 days, and usually quicker! Standard packaging options such as jewel cases and DVD cases are available, with digital printed inserts for a finished professional product.

CD & DVD replication with screen print or office print

Ideal for quantities of 1,000 and above. High quality print options for a durable and professional finish. Standard packaging and printing options are available with litho printed inserts. We can also arrange bespoke packaging. Let us know your ideas!


We can also help with your video, audio or application itself, as well as print design and setup. We have video editing and DVD authoring services plus software development and print design in-house.