An interesting project working with a pharmaceutical company and a video production team. They wanted to distribute promotional and video tutorial material for a new set of products to a select business-to-business audience without the sensitive material ending up posted on social media or youtube. This is a core part of our business – facilitating that kind of protection of our clients’ data while being distributed. Ensuring that only authorised end users gain access.

Importantly, they also required modified versions of the application to be delivered to each of their regional target markets around the world. And for the data to be locked against access from other regions. This is the kind of technical and logistical challenge we love!



The delivery media for this project was duplicated USB sticks. They are used globally and almost every computer system has a USB port. 10,000x 4GB USB sticks were printed with the company logo and loaded with the chosen regional dataset.

The application itself was built using HTML5 + javascript, providing an attractive and user-friendly interface for playing videos and accessing other material. Each regional application version was then encrypted individually so it could only be accessed via our special web browser software. Only the special USB sticks we provided were then able to run the software.



We worked with the video production to design and test the protected application and liaised with the pharmaceutical company when testing the final delivered product in on logistics of delivery to their end customers.

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