Our Copy Protection Services are available on multiple platforms:

  • Replicated and duplicated CDs and DVDs
  • Duplicated USB sticks
  • Cloud

And can protect many file types:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • PDF
  • HTML+images

Given the importance of protecting both customer and internal data, we offer practical solutions for most scenarios where there is a need to distribute and view content while protecting it from being illegally replicated.


Protected browser environment

In our experience most copy protection needs for document and media files (video, audio) are best fulfilled using a protected browser system. This is a Windows PC, Mac and Android phone/tablet compatible application supplied free to the end user which enables access to your protected content when they have the correct authorisation key. Your content is protected in an encrypted package and is inaccessible to unauthorised users. Authorisation keys can be passed to the end user invisibly via storage on disc or USB physical media, or distributed as 16-digit activation codes which can be typed in to our online activation system.

When protecting multiple files an HTML or interactive PDF interface is required to navigate to and access protected data within the browser environment, which can be as simple or as complex as you like. We offer full design and consultation services to aid or build interfaces to your specification.


Program file protection

We can protect your executable program files against unauthorised access by adding encryption to them. Decryption keys, which allow access to the protected program files, can be passed to the end user via the physical media or online via 16-digit activation codes. Protection for both Windows PC and Mac executable files is available.