Protect Your Content

At Replication, we protect your sensitive content for onward distribution. This means that you will have complete peace of mind that your business’s sensitive content is secure and distribution is equally, securely controlled.

We understand how important your business is to you and therefore how integral securing sensitive content, avoiding theft and piracy is to the core of your business.

Copy Protection

Copy protection sometimes referred to as copy prevention, copy restriction or content protection is the unrestricted access to the data while inhibiting the ability to copy the data.

The majority of the solutions we provide are completely transparent to the end-user, meaning they will not be aware of underlying protection. The benefit of this option is the capability to protect the distribution of your data and therefore your profits.



Encryption only allows authorised users to access your data which is usually controlled by a personalised password or key. On successful entry of the password or location of the key, the user will then have access to the data. Our encrypted USB memory sticks are typically the best option, allowing data to be added and edited once an authorised user gains access.

The advantage of this option is that it allows you to store important data safe in the knowledge in the event of loss or theft of your media, the data will remain private and secure.