Sometimes the best protection is to physically lock media containing data away with access only to authorised personnel, eventually ensuring the secure disposing of  the media.

Industry solutions such as degaussing and shredding can be an integral part of your overall media security processes.

Degaussing  – using a strong magnetic field to permanently remove data that is stored on magnetic media such as Hard Disk Drives, Tapes and Diskettes.  Data is stored on this type of media by small areas called magnetic domains which change their alignment to the direction of a magnetic field.  A degausser creates random patterns of magnetic alignment rendering the previous data irretrievable.

Shredding  – physically dealing with confidential, personal or sensitive data to ensure that the data is properly destroyed and disposed of in accordance with the appropriate regulations. This technique is typically effective for CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, paper and card documentation.

Do ask if we can assist in these areas complementary to our data at rest encryption solutions.